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Our website translation services entail several ways to carry out the translation process, depending on your needs and convenience.


Professional and Accurate Certified Translation Services

Are you traveling from one country to another anywhere across the world for studies or employment? Or perhaps you are planning to relocate abroad to join your family. If so, you will need to provide certified translations of certain documents to immigration authorities for a smooth travel experience.

If you need certified translation services for important documents, choose Translate Near Me as your trusted partner.

Get all kinds of documents translated and certified by our native translators in more than 100 languages with 98% accuracy. All our translations are always delivered on time!blue

Certified Document Translation Services - All You Need to Know

Whether you are travelling abroad for education, employment, or business, you definitely do not want your documents to be rejected or go through the red tape of another country and hamper your travel plans

Choosing our certified translation services in NYC assures you of passing through all stages of document verification seamlessly.

Certified translations refer to the signing of translated documents by the translator for accuracy and completeness. Completeness implies that an accurate representation of the original document has been made in the translation. The meaning and content remain unchanged.

Certified translations assure the governing authorities that the documents are translated appropriately.

All government authorities accept our certified translations by native translators including the USCIS. Translated documents, when certified, allow the receiving authorities to understand them in the official language of the organization and trust the authenticity of the document. Authorities sometimes go a step further and ask for notarization too.

Affordable Notarized Translation Services

Certified translations signed in the presence of a notary are known as notarized translations. At Translate Near Me, we provide notarized translation services for clients who need them. In the past, even the USCIS required notarization of certified translations. Now they only ask for certified translations. Certification assures them of the accuracy and completeness of the translated documents.

Choose our USCIS certified translation services for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of the immigration process. Contact our customer support team for hiring our certified translation services.

Documents We Translate and Certify

  • Divorce and marriage certificates: They are important for immigration or other official purposes. Translating the documents in a foreign language is not enough. Getting them certified by ATA certified translation services like Translate Near Me is recommended to avoid rejection.
  • Death certificates: Death certificates are an integral document in several legal cases. They are required in property inheritance, adoption, and other crucial cases. Certifying them is vital for them to be admissible in court.
  • Birth certificate: It is important evidence of a person’s true identity. It is often asked for official reasons including immigration and other legal processes.
  • Education certificates: Education certificates and mark sheets are evidence of your qualification. They are required for further education and job applications. Accurate translation services are needed to translate these certificates which in turn adds value to an application or secure employment.

Reasons To Hire Us - A Certified Translation Company

Certified Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is the second largest spoken language in the world. Choose us for certified document translation services in Spanish to reach out, connect, communicate, and engage with the Spanish-speaking audience.

Our native Spanish translators provide the most accurate translations for all kinds of professional and personal documents. We also provide online certified translation services for our clients.


We offer certified translation services online to enable our clients to go through the immigration process smoothly and realize their international goals of education, employment, or business expansion. We assign your documents to translators that are fluent in the language pair and have subject matter expertise of your specific industry. Customer satisfaction is, therefore, guaranteed.

Our certified translations are accepted by all educational institutes and government authorities.

Contact us now, if you are looking for certified translation services near me.

Our translation prices are competitive and certification of translated documents is free. We charge notarization prices as quoted by notary services.

Certified translations are signed by the translator for the thoroughness and accuracy of the translated document and the qualifications of the translator. Notarization verifies translator’s identity. It adds a layer of validation to the translated document. The receiver is assured that the certification is authentic.

The turnaround time for certified translations depends on the size of the document and complexity. We also provide rush, super rush, and same day translation services to meet the client’s urgent requirements.

Translate Near Me provide trustworthy certified translations for any types of documents at very affordable prices. They have a team of accredited translators who are experienced in providing certified translations.

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