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Word-to-Word French Translation Services at Affordable Rates

For high-quality and exact French translation services, do not look beyond Translate Nearme. We provide excellent language services to businesses and individuals. Our team of native French translators have several years of experience, enabling them to translate beyond your expectations.

Partnering with us will connect you with some of the best talents for translating your project. Our translators are qualified to translate any document or content. We will provide you with high-quality French translation services within your budget.

We translate personal documents such as birth certificates, academic transcripts, passports, marriage certificates, etc., and business documents and content such as contracts, agreements, manuals, patents, licences, terms & conditions, websites, marketing colateral and more. You can contact us for accurate audio/video translations as well.

Our solutions are backed by 100% human translators and unique techniques to provide the best translations. If you require it, we can also provide you with certified French translation services at minimal rates. Our certifications are accepted by all government offices and institutions worldwide.

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French Translation Services to Suit your Requirements

We offer customized French translation solutions to many industries like banking & finance, technology, legal, healthcare, travel, etc. You can approach our team for translating websites, documents, and audio/video tapes. We are sure you will be impressed with our translation skills. If you are looking to connect with an international audience, our team can translate your message most accurately.

Our translators are multilingual experts and are aware of the language nuances, and culture. Thus, they have the skills to keep the core of your content while translating it for the audience.

We also offer French document translation services for individuals and companies. We translate business reports, financial statements, legal papers, wills, etc.
You can team up with us for the translation of a simple personal document or a complex business report. We guarantee impressive results in a short turnaround time and high accuracy. Our team has previously collaborated with industries like retail, gaming, E-learning, manufacturing, public sector, E-commerce, automotive, etc.

With the help of our translation solutions, our clients have garnered the target audience’s attention and secured a place in the international market. We can assist you if you dream of presenting your brand on the global platform.

English to French Translation Services-Agile, Accurate

Is the French audience your target customers? If yes, you can partner with Translate Nearme for the best French translations. We source the most efficient and experienced translators in our team for French to English and English to French translation. They have in-depth knowledge of both the source and target language.

Thus, they understand the minute details of your project and translate them exactly. Whether you have a personal or business requirement, we have the best language solutions.

You can contact our team 24*7 if you have any questions related to your project translation or our services. We will gladly assist you and provide you with our valuable services. If the French translation services cost is your concern, let us tell you that our services are affordable and have no hidden charges.

We endeavor to provide translation solutions at nominal costs with high accuracy and value for money.

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Translate Nearme is a well-known name in the translation industry. We provide language solutions at the most reasonable prices to companies, individuals, educational institutions, students, and whoever requires it. We have the best team of native speakers who are qualified and skilled translators.


Yes. Our translators can translate business and personal documents. Some of the documents that we translate include the following: 

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Death Certificates
  3. Agreements
  4. School certificates

We employ a team of native and fluent speakers in our agency. 100% human translators do all your translations without the use of any automated processes. Thus, you get accurate and efficient results.

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