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Chinese is the most common language used worldwide, with around 19-21 % of people using it as their first language. The written language has two different forms: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Both have different writing forms and grammatical structures depending on cultural and historical origins. Therefore, translations have to be produced in both forms with accuracy.

Translate Nearme provides on-time and affordable Chinese translation services that are both proficient and technically precise. Our native translators can offer you top-notch translations from Chinese to over 100 other languages and vice versa within your deadline! We guarantee 99% accuracy in all our translations.

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Exceptional English to Chinese Translation Services

Chinese is a highly contextual language, which means that even minute changes to a sentence might drastically affect its meaning. This is a problem for any Chinese translator, who needs to thoroughly understand the definition of a statement and the nuances of the language to prevent misunderstandings.

Only translators who have a thorough understanding of local variations can be relied upon. A written text that connects to one part of an audience may not attract another. To prevent any loss of context in translations, a Chinese translator must also have a strong command of the English language.

We assist the most successful organizations in the world in achieving commercial success in China and beyond. Translations can change how your website, magazine, or book looks. Hence, engaging with a reliable and knowledgeable translation service that can assist with document structuring after translation is essential.

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Specialized Certified Chinese Translation Services

For immigration purposes, it is crucial to have Chinese documents translated, certified, or even notarized. Our specialized translation service makes it easy to obtain certified translations for USCIS and other official US institutions and organizations. To fulfill the requirements of your application, trust our qualified Chinese translators.

Our exceptional Chinese translators have produced numerous translations for USCIS, and we are, therefore, able to offer you certified Chinese translations.

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Accurate & Reliable Chinese Document Translation Services

Due to the size of the Chinese market and the opportunity it provides for enterprises to do business there, the requirement for the Chinese language has grown. Therefore, it is only natural to choose Chinese translation agencies to reach out to this demographic.

Thanks to our excellent Chinese document translators, we take great pride in being at the forefront of language services. Every day, we ensure that your content is understood in your target language or region.

The following list includes some of the many industries we serve with our top-class services.

  • Banking & finance
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • E-Commerce
  • Travel
  • E-Learning
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Public sector

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When you search for Chinese translation services near me, you are determined to see our translation services ranked the highest. We not only offer professional and accurate translations but also the most reasonable Chinese translation services cost. Our Chinese translators are available 24/7 in key locations all over the world to provide our translation services.

You must translate all of your information as fast, effectively, and economically as possible if you want your company to be successful in the competitive Chinese market. Thousands of large and small companies choose our service due to our competitive pricing.

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Yes, we can translate your material from Chinese to other languages like Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French, Greek, and many more.

Some other translation services we offer are technical manual translations, patent translations, college transcripts, website translations, technical & scientific translations, magazine translations, and email translations, among others.

Appearance, tone, and sentence structure are considerable differences between English and Chinese.

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