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Accurate and Affordable Birth Certificate Translation Services

Need certified birth certificate translation services for immigration or legal submissions?

Most of the times, the need for birth certificate translation services is urgent. What you need are quick and reliable services. Odds are high that you may receive a message from an educational institution, immigration authorities, etc., to submit your birth certificate as identity proof before proceeding with the immigration, education, or official procedures.

Translate Nearme can help with all your requirements. We have translated several birth certificates accurately for a variety of reasons.

Get in touch with us for affordable birth certificate translation services in over 100 languages at pocket-friendly prices by native translators and guaranteed timely delivery.

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A birth certificate issued by the Government

Professional Birth Certificate Translation Services

The birth certificate is an official document issued by the country’s government as evidence of birth. It is one of the most common documents that serve as proof of identity for multiple reasons, including taxes, military, academic, etc.

It is commonly translated from many languages to English because most western universities and immigration offices expect the submissions to be made in English.

USCIS Birth Certificate Translation Services for Immigration​

A certified birth certificate translation is required when you are seeking immigration into the US. When the birth certificate is in a foreign language, it needs to be translated into English. It must also be certified to be accepted by the USCIS. Certification refers to the translator’s signing of the translated document for completeness and accuracy.

Our birth certificate translation for immigration services comes with guaranteed USCIS acceptance.
In cases where you are seeking immigration to countries other than the US, translation in their native language is required.

Our native translators can handle translations into both simple and complex languages like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, etc.
We ensure accuracy in translations as well as appropriate formatting of some items like stamps and signatures on the birth certificate.

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A student holding a translated birth certificate to submit in college

Birth Certificate Translation Services For Other Purposes

You may need a translation of the birth certificate for other legal or official purposes like obtaining a driver’s license, establishing proof of identity in a court of law, obtaining a marriage certificate, etc.

Our native translators provide accurate birth certificate translations in over 100 languages in the format and specifications required by foreign authorities.

Our translators have vast experience in translating birth certificates. With our professional translation services, you will not lose out on any international employment, educational, or other opportunities. You can go ahead without the fear of rejection by immigration authorities. We pay attention to detail and fulfill your needs by delivering the best translations done by experienced translators.

Translations for Multiple Industries By Domain Experts

Our native translators are linguistically trained and have expertise in various subjects. We provide accurate industry translations in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive 
  • Retail 
  • Gaming 
  • Travel
  • Public sector 
  • E-learning 
  • Healthcare 
  • Technology 
  • Banking & finance 
  • E-commerce etc. 

Affordable and Accurate Translation Services Far and Wide

Regardless of your location, you can hire our translation services for all kinds of documents at pocket-friendly prices. Satisfaction and timely delivery are guaranteed. Your translation project is assigned to translators who are fluent in the language pair and have expertise in your particular field.

Our services are accessible from all places listed below:

  • Fort Worth
  • Philadelphia 
  • San Francisco 
  • Houston 
  • Los Angeles 
  • Phoenix 
  • San Antonio 
  • New York 
  • Chicago 
  • Austin
  • San Jose 
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Jacksonville
  • Columbus 
  • Indianapolis 
  • Charlotte 
  • Washington 
  • Seattle and 
  • Denver 

We assure you of the best translation services by our experts.

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We assure accurate translations of all kinds of documents regardless of the industry. Choose us for the best translation services.

We translate in all file formats, including .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, etc. We can translate it in the file format that you need. 

Our translators are highly experienced in translating birth certificates for USCIS. We have a record of 100% USCIS acceptance for all our translations.

We ensure complete security and confidentiality of all the documents submitted to us. We also sign NDAs for ensuring confidentiality. 

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